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Accelerating innovation around binder jetting additive manufacturing technologies


Innovate - Create - Operate

Founded in 2021, the startup ADDIMETAL is developing an additive manufacturing (AM) solution based on binder jetting technology.

Our system is intended to be open and fully customizable to meet the needs of research organizations and industries wishing to develop the use of AM in their fields.

Dedicated to the manufacturing of complex high value-added parts, out of differents materials such as: metals, minerals, or even polymers. ADDIMETAL offers to its partners support from the design of the parts to post-treatment operations, including the optimization of production processes.

Our binder jetting process is fast, scalable, precise, and sustainable, making it an ideal option for companies concerned about their environmental impact while seeking to produce high-quality parts.

Binder jetting is an additive manufacturing technique used to create complex and precise metal parts from powder. It relies on the use of binder to bond small particles together, layer by layer, until the desired part is achieved.

Development friendly

Designed as a development platform, the parameters of our machines are open in an easily accessible interface, allowing testing and qualification of new materials.


Ergonomic and compact, offering high efficiency of use, separating workspace from kinematics, our machines are easy to maintain thanks to easy access to parts requiring maintenance.


Binder jetting is the fastest and most accurate additive manufacturing technology on the market. Our large format & capacity industrial printhead enables the optimization of the use of the six-liter Job Box.


Less costly to implement than other additive manufacturing technologies such as DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) and SLM (Selective Laser Melting), with equivalent specifications, our machines are also less expensive than competing solutions.


This technology enables the creation of objects with complex geometries, high levels of detail, and integrated parts that would be impossible to produce with conventional methods. Parts can be produced in any orientation without support structures.


Producing no waste or material losses, with the possibility of reusing used powders, Binder Jet allows for efficient use of materials. Energy consumption is lower than other manufacturing processes, making the technology relatively sustainable and cost-effective.

Our Team

Mohamad Koubar image
Mohamad Koubar CEO

Seven years of experience as a product design engineer, including five years in additive manufacturing and two years in large corporations (Volvo and Airbus).

Guilhem Peres image
Guilhem Peres CFO

Ten years of experience as an entrepreneur in additive manufacturing, responsible for management, human resources, and procurement.

Franck Liguori image
Franck Liguori CCO

Ten years of experience as an entrepreneur in additive manufacturing, responsible for business development, communication, and marketing.

Quentin Leboeuf image
Quentin Leboeuf CTO

Six years of experience in software development, including three years in additive manufacturing and three years in large organizations such as Orange and CNRS.

Mahdi Mejri image
Mahdi Mejri Materials scientist

Four years of research (PhD) at CIRIMAT on the characterization of sintered materials for renewable energy applications and two years in additive manufacturing industry.

Our partners

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